Finding And Evaluating Business Opportunities

  In this article we shall explore the three key areas of evaluating business opportunities; i.           Characteristics of a real business opportunity ii.            How to


Intellectual property has been used to describe creations of the mind, such as artistic inventions, symbols and images used in commerce (Arvin Halkhores, 2010). Intellectual Property Law gives protection and

International Business & African SME’s

Whenever most people hear of the term International business, companies such as Coca Cola, KFC, Pepsi ,Toyota, Eco Bank etc comes to mind. Very few startup companies or SME’S in

Does IT play a role in organizational excellence?

Has new technology provided solutions to age-old problems in your organization? A lot has been written and said about the role of IT in the lifecycle of companies. In this

Are Strong Brands on their death bed?

The advent of the internet and specifically e-commerce has brought with it a great challenge to organizations that traditionally relied on their strong brand name to either increase or maintain

First Mover’s Advantage verses Sustainable Growth

Its common sense that only those with a deeply ingrained capacity for continuous learning and self reflection stand a chance of surfing the waves of change successfully. (Ignatius Loyola). The

Formulating winning Strategies for SME’s

SME’s form the backbone of major economies in Africa yet they are the most neglected. Here are suggestions to enable not only survival but also success of SME’s ; 1-Be

What They Don’t Tell You In Strategy Class

Strategy formulation as an activity include identifying opportunities & threats in the organization’s environment & attaching some estimates or risk factor to the discernible alternatives. Before a choice can be

Supply Chain Management-A strategic tool?

Leading  manufacturing and retail organizations have realized that a well run supply chain can give then a competitive advantage against their rivals. The rest of the organizations having realized this

E-Commerce in Africa

There has been a surge in the number of organizations both big and small that trade online over the past decade globally but more so Africa. Our research shows that