Unveiling Insights: Research and Analysis for Informed Decision Making

At Viffa Consult, we recognize the crucial role of research and data analytics in driving unmatched and sustained competitive advantage for SMEs. We empower businesses by equipping them with the capabilities to effectively utilize data for informed decision-making. Our research and analytics services extend not only to SMEs but also to Entrepreneurship Support Organizations (ESOs) and organizations collaborating with SMEs as partners, suppliers, or customers. By deepening their understanding of SMEs, we enable these organizations to enhance their engagement and better cater to the needs of SMEs. To compete effectively in today's landscape, SMEs must develop innovative capabilities rooted in research and data analytics. Viffa Consult offers comprehensive research capabilities in the following areas:

Consumer behaviour

Consumer Behaviour: We delve into the intricacies of consumer behavior, including customer journeys, attitudes and usage patterns, consumption habits, and the drivers behind purchase decisions.

Digital Presence

Our expertise in online customer profiling, e-commerce research, and social media analysis helps SMEs strengthen their digital presence and leverage the power of digital platforms.

Market Strategy

We provide valuable insights into industry trends, tracking and benchmarking, market potential, and opportunity research, enabling SMEs to make informed strategic decisions.

Product management

Our research encompasses packaging effectiveness, brand awareness, new product development, and pricing strategy, equipping SMEs with the knowledge to optimize their product offerings.

Promotional strategy

We assess the effectiveness of communications strategies, ad awareness, intent to purchase, and conduct ad/concept/message testing, enabling SMEs to refine their promotional efforts. The exponential growth of data in recent years presents significant innovation opportunities for SMEs. At Viffa Consult, we help SMEs harness the power of data by effectively utilizing it for informed decision-making. Our data capabilities include: 1. Connecting survey data with internal KPIs/data warehouses or external industry data sources: We provide real-time access to data and offer data-driven visualizations to enhance your understanding and decision-making processes. 2. Enhancing your applications: We integrate visualization and real-time analysis into your delivery solutions, making your applications more powerful and insightful. 3. Visualizing existing data: We make your existing data more accessible across your organization through visualizations, enabling you to uncover valuable insights and drive data-informed strategies. Partner with Viffa Consult and unlock the full potential of research and data analytics for your SME. Let us empower your organization with compelling insights and uncover untold narratives hidden within your data.

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